Wells Reunion 2019 Recap

Thank you to all who attended the Wells Reunion. We were very grateful to have so many wonderful friends and family members back! The people are truly what makes this town great.

On June 30th, we celebrated the Wells Museum’s 20th anniversary in its current location. The Wells Historical Society re-opened the museum in the newly restored Island Mountain Mine office in 1999. The lovely people of Wells put plenty of time and a town’s worth of effort into the project. As a result, we can continue to operate in a building that is itself an artifact! You can even see the remnants of this building’s old life. We still have the two original walk-in safes: one held gold and the other held important documents.

Wells works to maintain a sense of community among its residents. The 2019 Wells Reunion was a lovely weekend-long affair. Unfortunately, forest fires forced us to cancel in 2018, but the near-constant rain gave us the go-ahead this year!

Our museum’s open house allowed visitors to reminisce and share stories. We provided a book of names for visitors to find their families and friends, and encouraged everyone to help complete entries by filling in missing information or correcting mistakes. Our staff served tea and coffee, and Goldfield Bakery in Barkerville provided a delicious cake. In addition, we gave martini glasses full of candy to those generous visitors who donated to help us repaint our sign!

We saw an exciting turnout and talked with many wonderful people. All in all, our visitors made the reunion grand and exciting! We hope to see you again next time!

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