The Wells Names Book

Our town has seen many faces since prospector and town founder Fred Wells made his way here almost 100 years ago.

This project, started by Louise “Wee” Gilbert, aims to connect and reconnect the people of Wells and keep the many wonderful memories alive. Wee loved this town and all of the people in it, and we wish to continue the project she worked so very hard on in her honour. 

It is unusual for a Gold Rush town to continue on after the mining stops, but the people of Wells beat the odds through their fierce determination and spirit of community! Have a look through the database and if you see a name that is missing or information that needs updating or changing, please let us know!

Have you ever lived in Wells? The Wells Historical Society wants to know! We would like to expand on our records of names, families, occupations, and achievements!

Do you know someone missing from this table that should be here? Fill out the form below and we will add it once it has been reviewed

Wells Residents Submissions (#2)