Gold! Gold! Gold! Say these words or even whisper them and you can get a crowd of people on their feet shouting and stomping in seconds. This is a story of gold and how it formed a town and community called Wells. When the words Gold Rush and Cariboo are spoken, most people think of Barkerville and it’s mining for gold of the late nineteenth century. But you are about to learn about another important gold rush in the Cariboo.

The town of Wells, like it’s famous neighbour Barkerville, was built around the discovery of gold. In the late 1920’s, long after the height of the first Cariboo Gold Rush had died down, a man named Fred Wells came to the Cariboo prospecting for his riches. Fred found gold inside Cow Mountain at the base of Wells, and helped form one of two large companies and the hard rock mining gold rush in Wells British Columbia. Over a 34 year period one of the companies, the Cariboo Gold Quartz took over thirty one MILLION dollars of gold out of the ground!