Wells Hysterical Society Comedy Auction

The annual Wells Hysterical Society Comedy Auction was held this past Friday July 26th, and it was a great one! Performances, drinks, and exciting items were just some of the features of this year’s auction.

Our guests had a look at the lots before the show to prepare their bids.

Once everybody had taken their seats, Courtney Smith (yours truly) started the night off with an acrobatics routine. We were all delighted by a surprise appearance from Domino the chihuahua!

Next came the long-running comedy of Ebeneezer and Pudd played by Wells’ own Andrew Hamilton and Stu Cawood. We don’t know which actor is which character, and we don’t think they know either…

Next up, we met our hilarious and very snazzy host, James Douglas. He began with a song before getting interrupted by Ebeneezer (or Pudd) and beginning the auction.

Some guests scooped up lots quite easily, and some needed to fight for their favourite items. In a town where everyone knows everyone else, friendly competition is expected and encouraged!

Halfway through the show, we were treated to the Wells debut of stand up comedian Stuart Hartley.

The auction began at 8 PM and went strong into the night. Everyone, including the performers, got a little bit silly.

Overall, the auction was a huge success. Our volunteers, guests, and contributors made all of this possible and we cannot thank them enough! All the proceeds went directly to the Wells Historical Society and will be used for upcoming events, maintenance, and projects.

Thank you so much for your continued heartfelt support!

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