Wells Museum Projects for 2019


Before we get into the projects, I would like to introduce myself first. My name is Courtney and I will be the museum coordinator and lady-behind-the-desk this summer. I am currently an undergraduate political science student at the University of the Fraser Valley. Fortunately, I am taking no classes this summer so I can focus on living and working in this lovely town of Wells!

Here I am with an octopus on my face at the Barkerville Gold Mine BBQ.

Now that I’ve finished my introduction, I can tell you all about our summer project and event plans!

Firstly, our building has been a museum for 20 years this summer! Once the Island Mountain Mine office, locals renovated and refurbished it in the 1990s. We will be celebrating on location on June 30th and all are welcome to celebrate with us! There will be cake, souvenirs, and 2 interactive books: one containing photos and one with names. If a guest happens to recognise anybody in the photos or has information regarding anyone listed in the book of names, we encourage them to tell us what they know!

Secondly, we will be hosting the Wells Comedy Auction on July 26th at the Sunset Theatre! This 1930s-circus-themed auction (hope you like popcorn!) will be your chance to help out the Wells Historical Society, see some fun comedy scenes and performances, and snag some cool vintage/retro stuff!

Lastly, we are working on sprucing up the trophy case at the Wells Community Hall. We know that the people of Wells were great at mining, but did you know they were great at sports too? Skiing and curling were the favourites, and boy did they win a lot of trophies. We will be polishing and displaying them as best we can this summer!

Thank you for sticking with me through the first post of 2019! I look forward to seeing you at the Wells Museum this summer if you’re in the area. I will keep you updated on news, events, and changes, as well as post some short pieces on our town’s history.

See you soon!


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