Wells Museum Covid-19 Phased Action Plan to Retain Community and Workplace Safety

Phase 1: Thursday June 18th, 2020 (In line with Barkerville Opening/Phase One)

*Note: Staff has been educated and are familiar with British Columbia Public Health initiatives and protocols regarding personal hygiene, Covid-19 self-monitoring and work from home procedures. Staff is regularly informed about provincial health changes, local Covid-19 cases and WorkSafe BC procedures.

  1. Museum will be open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 10 AM – 5 PM. Days open may change depending on visitor traffic.
  2. Wells Museum will be operating at 50% of its pre-Covid-19 visitor capacity, limiting the number of people in the establishment to ten visitors maximum. Visitor numbers will be counted by staff.
  3. Increased cleaning measures of non-heritage surfaces with BC recommended cleaning supplies (mix of 10% bleach and water). Frequently touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, counters and light switches, will be disinfected after every group of visitors. All non-heritage surfaces will be cleaned at closing.
  4. Hand sanitizer will be located just inside the museum for visitors entering the establishment.
  5. Staff will be provided personal protective equipment (PPE) (Cloth masks, disposable gloves and a protective clear shield at entrance location). Visitor utilization of PPE will be at the visitor’s discretion; it will not be mandatory for entrance.
  6. Floor of museum will be marked with one-direction arrows to indicate visitor flow and physical distancing markers spaced 2 meters apart.
  7. Heritage materials will be cleaned regularly with adherence to approved Heritage BC and Canadian Conservation Institute guidelines.
  8. “Do Not Touch” signs will be posted at entrance to remind guests to protect Heritage materials from possible Covid-19 contamination and conservation purposes.
  9. Heritage materials that have been touched by visitors will be quarantined either in a bag or removed to secure location for 7-9 days as per Heritage BC, BC Museums Association, and Canadian Conservation Institute guidelines.
  10. Public bathroom will be closed. Visitors will be re-directed to Wells Visitor center bathrooms.
  11. Signs reiterating the above points will be located both inside and outside the museum for visitors and community. They will also include BC Public Health warnings about social distancing and to remain home if you are ill.
  12. Wells museum website and social media will be updated with the above material for guests.

*Note: If Covid-19 cases in British Columbia begin to rise again phase one will be prolonged past July 3rd, 2020 and if there is Wells/Barkerville community transmission the museum will close entirely to the public. Changes to plan will also occur if under advisory by Provincial Health officials. All changes will be updated on Wells Museum social media.

Phase 2: Friday July 3rd, 2020 (In line with Barkerville Phase Two)

  1. Self-guided walking tours of the Museum and Wells area will be digitally provided to visitors. Details to come.
  2. Museum will continue the above listed procedures in phase two and will be updated as per Public Health advisories and community changes.

Phase 3: Will be updated as phases are successful alongside Barkerville policy and Public Health advisories.

*Note: Museum operations will not return to ‘normal’ until Covid-19 is contained or a vaccine is developed.

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