Adopt a Photo

Photos are amazing historical artifacts that help us see into the past.  With the Adopt a Photo program, you can join the Wells Museum in the preservation of photos of Wells, the surrounding areas, and the people who made this place great!

How to Adopt

  • Select a photograph from the listed photo options and note the photograph number (the WP number below the photo)
  • Pay for your Photograph adoption by clicking the "Adopt Now" button or by contacting the WHS in person or by email. In person adoptions are available at the Wells Museum during regular operating hours
  • Receive your rewards!

Please note that the $50 Adopt-A-Photo fee per photo is not tax-deductible, however the Wells Historical Society, a registered charity, will issue you a tax receipt for any additional amount donated.

Donation Rewards

(Minimum donation $50)
  • Certificate of adoption
  • Unframed copy of photo
  • Copy of Wells – the 1930s, a catalogue of the project photographs
  • Your name published online in association with your photo
  • One year Wells Historical Society membership

A charitable tax receipt will be issued for the difference between the minimum donation ($50) and your total donated amount. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Funds raised through this project go a long way toward helping to keep the Wells Museum open!

The selected photos are from this publication entitled "Wells: the 1930s." Click the image to view the pdf document.

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